Thoughts on the Persian Language:

Languages are live entities. In order to stay informed, we need to be aware of the latest trends and opinions in the field. This section explores news, publications, books, and anything thought provoking happening around the world about the Farsi Language.

Online Resources:

Aryanpour Dictionary

Farsi to Farsi Dictionaries

Persian Calendar Converter

Multilingual Legal Glossary

Farsi Wikipedia (فهرست عنوانهای حقوقی و بازرگانی)

Online Etymology Dictionary

Merriam Webster

Translation Trends and Insights

For Learning:

Persian of Iran Today فارسی ايران امروز, by Anousha Shahsavari and Blake Atwood

A Frequency Dictionary of Persian: Core vocabulary for learners (Routledge Frequency Dictionaries), by Corey Miller and Karineh Aghajanian-Stewart


American Translators Association (ATA)

National Association of Judiciary Interpreters and Translators (NAJIT)

New York Circle of Translators (NYCT)


Black’s Law Dictionary, 10th. edition, by Bryan A. Garner

English-Persian Dictionary of Legal and Commercial Terms, by K. Fahim, J. Habibion, and F. Vittor



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