Thoughts on the Persian Language

Excerpts from: Ehsan Yarshater in Conversation with Mandana Zandian, published 2016

What was the effect of the establishment of the Academy of Iran in
1935 under the direction of Mohammad Ali Foroughi? And are the
next academies – the Academy of Persian Language founded in 1968,
and the Academy of Persian Language and Literature in 1989 –
moving towards the same goals?

The Academy was established following the growing attention to the
nationality and the focus on the fact that Iranians are not of Arab nations,
and to distinguish Persians from Arab nations and therefore taking Persian
language into more consideration as a nationalism element. Meanwhile
insistence on using Persian and avoidance of using Arabic words, made
moderate litterateurs like Mohammad Ali Foroughi and Sayyed Hassan
Taqizadeh to oppose the excessive use of obsolete Persian words.

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