Legal Translation Of English To And From Farsi

Legal Translation Of English To And From Farsi (Persian)

Need expert translators who can deliver accurate, authentic and exceptional translations?

Want to have peace of mind knowing that your court documents will be delivered on time when your deadline is approaching ?

Farsi Translation Center is just what you need.

Rendered by US educated native speakers of Farsi, our translations are for lawyers and individuals who expect flawless translations and interpretations that are certified and officially accepted in the US.

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  • Court documents
  • Agreements
  • Transcripts
  • And many more

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Listen to what our clients say during our 10 years of solid success:

  • “….Farsi Translation Center was able to decipher some very complicated documents (which were written originally with no structural/ grammatical order in Farsi) and to make their content comprehensible, while conveying the true meaning into English……” Leila K., Esq.
  • “I highly recommend Farsi Translation Center’s services. They provide exceptional customer and translation services…..” Sanam A.
  • “Farsi Translation Center has provided Farsi to English translations of some legal documents for me. Their translation is accurate and delivered punctually…..” Sara N.

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