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Expert Persian (Farsi) Legal Translation, Interpretation, and Consultation in English and French.

In legal translation words matter.
Intent matters even more.


Farsi Translation Center provides full translation, interpretation, transcription, and editing services from English to Persian (Farsi), Persian (Farsi) to English, French to Persian (Farsi), and Persian (Farsi) to French.


What We Do

(simultaneous, consecutive, or sight)

Specializing in diplomatic and legal interpretation, legal documents, and Iranian culture and literature. Available remote or in-person.

Legal translation

Persian (Farsi) translation for courts, law firms, and attorneys including civil, criminal, family, and immigration.


Persian (Farsi) editing is done by native English and Farsi speakers for accuracy and authenticity.

About Us

Farsi Translation Center

Farsi Translation Center
Engage the Persian experts that established the Farsi Certification test and preparation materials for the American Translators Association (ATA), the only widely recognized measure of competence for translation in the U.S., for all your legal translation and interpretation needs. Read More

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Get full translation, transcription and editing services of English to Persian (Farsi), Persian (Farsi) to English, French to Persian (Farsi), and Persian (Farsi) to French.
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What People Say About Us

Sarah Nafissi
Sepideh has provided Farsi-English translations of some legal documents for me. She is very professional, responsive and dependable. Her translations are accurate and she delivers them punctually. I highly recommend her professionalism and the quality of her work.
Sanam Aashna
I highly recommend Sepideh Moussavi and her translation and interpretation services, FARSI TRANSLATION CENTER. Sepideh and her associate provided exceptional customer and translation services. They worked diligently to meet my time requirements and precisely to extract information from a document that had subpar resolution. The result was the delivery of a high quality translation with expedited delivery.
Robert Joe Lee
I have had the great pleasure of working on Farsi-English interpreter testing issues with Sepideh Moussavi on several occasions. She has consistently been the quintessential professional in all respects: creative, reliable, diligent, dependable, and competent. I don’t know many professionals who are as conscientious as she is.
Manager of the Language Services Section of the NJ Administrative Office of the Courts, 1985-2008
Brooklyn Supreme Court
When I have a Farsi case I call you because I can count on you and I don’t have to ask all these questions.
Albany Supreme Court
I appreciate your professionalism and look forward to working with you again.
Our happy client
Thank you for your insights and for bringing such professionalism and expertise to the task. We appreciate the quick turnaround time and attention to detail.
Shadi T.
Happy that the US association has a professional Iranian translator such as you in.
Shadi Karimi, Esq.
Translating legal documents from one language to another can be extremely challenging (or any other substantive, technical document), because the translator must be either well versed in legislations of the country of the origin language, or to be able to conduct a proper research, to not only translate terminologies word for word, but to understand the law and its consequences in depth, and to convey the true essence of the text into the target language, so that it is intelligible and effective for a determiner of facts who is not familiar with the laws and culture of the other country. Ms. Moussavi, with her academic background and extensive experience in Farsi-English translations, and the Farsi Translation Center, do just that.

Recently, I needed to translate a few long, detailed legal documents from Farsi to English, for filing with the government for an immigration client. These documents were in response to a request for evidence to make a final, determining decision, and having proper or improper translations could make or break the case. Time was also of the essence; thus, I needed to trust that the translations will be timely, accurate and credible. I was fortunate to come across Ms. Sepideh Moussavi’s Farsi Translation Center, and I am so glad that I did, both because the job was done beautifully, and because she is a person of great character, and I am honored to have made her acquaintance. Ms. Moussavi (Farsi Translation Center) was able to decipher some very complicated documents (which were written originally with no structural/grammatical order in Farsi), and to make the content comprehensible, while conveying the true meaning into English. I also appreciate that Farsi Translation Center is one of the very rare Farsi translation services associated with ATA. I look forward to work with Ms. Moussavi in the future, and have already recommended her work to colleagues.
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