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Short Stories

The Burnt Land-by Ahmad Mahmoud

The Burnt Land

The following is an excerpt from the book The Burnt Land by Ahmad Mahmoud (December 25, 1931 – October 4, 2002). He was a prominent contemporary Iranian novelist from Ahvaz, in the southwest of Iran. He was known as a distinguished social realist writer based on his works, which mainly ...
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The memoirs of the Alley

Simin Dāneshvar (Persian: سیمین دانشور)‎, (28 April 1921 – 8 March 2012) was an Iranian academic, novelist, fiction writer and translator. She was largely regarded as the first major Iranian woman novelist. Her books dealt with the lives of ordinary Iranians, especially those of women, and through the lens of recent political ...
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Have you seen my summer?

I wish my summer was what it was like when I was a child. Sleeping on the rooftop at night, playing in the courtyard, and maybe even splashing in the pond in the courtyard. As an adult, summer is about heat, sweat, headaches, busyness, traffic, and honking horns. I wish ...
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