We offer a range of services from Translation and Interpretation to Consulting, Language Coaching and Subject Matter Expertise.


“Your interpreted message heard and understood.”

At Farsi Translation Center, we understand that cultural nuances, contexts, and local idioms are just as important as interpreting the words. Our interpretations fully capture your meaning, tonality, and intent ensuring your message is heard and understood from.

We specialize in diplomatic interpretation, legal interpretation, legal documents, and Iranian culture and literature.

Our interpreting services include:

  • Simultaneous (including court, conference and diplomatic interpretations)
  • Consecutive
  • Sight

Interpretation in different settings including: Courts and Legal; Diplomatic; and Education.

Legal  services include translation and interpretation for:

  • Civil lawyers
  • Criminal attorneys
  • Employment law firms
  • Family lawyers
  • Immigration attorneys

Courts in New York State, New Jersey, and Federal courts.

We have provided translation and interpretation for the following courts:

  • Civil Court
  • Criminal Court
  • Family Court
  • State Supreme Court

in the following locations:

  • New York
    • Manhattan
    • Brooklyn
    • Queens
    • Bronx
    • Long Island (Nassau County, Suffolk County)
    • Albany
  • New Jersey
    • Bergen county
    • Elizabethtown
    • Hackensack
    • Morristown
    • Newark
  • Federal Courts
    • Southern District of New York

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In Translation, Words Matter. Intent Matters Even More.

Farsi Translation Center provides full translation, transcription and editing services of English to Persian (Farsi), Persian (Farsi) to English, French to Persian (Farsi), and Persian (Farsi) to French.

Our team has translated messages from the simplest phrases to complex technical information, from court testimony to contracts, from books to marketing materials, from ancient texts to websites and more for individuals and businesses all over the world.

We have translated:

• Books
• Articles
• Transcripts, Diplomas, Birth Certificates
• Web pages
• Court and legal documents
• Old texts
• Various other documents


Please contact us if you have specific questions about your transcription job.


Editing services are done by native English and Farsi speakers for accuracy and authenticity.

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