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Our Services

When it comes to legal transactions, you cannot get lost in translation. You need experts. And our experts literally wrote the Farsi Certification test for the ATA to ensure Persian (Farsi) translators are properly accredited and have the skills necessary to provide quality translation.

Farsi Translation Center is the Persian (Farsi) translation provider counted on by courts, lawyers, and individuals for quality, culturally nuanced translations and interpretations. With over 20 years of experience and a deep understanding of both Farsi and English, you can be sure that Farsi Translation Center accurately captures the meaning and intent for all your legal needs.

• Simultaneous Interpretation (including court, conference, diplomatic interpretations)
• Consecutive Interpretation
• Sight Interpretation
Specializing in diplomatic interpretation, legal interpretation, legal documents, and Iranian culture and literature.
At Farsi Translation Center we understand that cultural nuances, contexts, and local idioms are just as important as interpreting the words. Our interpretations fully capture your meaning, tonality, and intent ensuring that your message is understood. Available remote or in-person.
• Translation services
• Transcription services
• Editing services
Farsi Translation Center provides full translation, transcription and editing services from English to Persian (Farsi), Persian (Farsi) to English, French to Persian (Farsi), and Persian (Farsi) to French.
Translations have included: • Agreements • Amendments • Bills of Sale • Cease & Desist Letters • Child Medical Consent • Child Visitation Letters • Confidentiality Agreements • Contracts •Death Certificates • Deeds • Diplomas • Investigative Reports • Notices • Offers • Powers of Attorney • Releases • Trial Materials • And more!
Our team has translated transactions from legal testimony to depositions, from identification cards to school transcripts, from probate materials to contracts and more for courts, individuals, attorneys, and law firms all over the world. Available remote or in-person.
Editing services are done by native English and Farsi speakers for accuracy and authenticity.
As an expert in Iranian culture and literature, Farsi Translation Center has also been asked to consult for businesses as well as individual needs including:
Diplomatic Needs: Helping clients with everything from filling out forms to creating power of attorney for someone in Iran to other diplomatic matters with the Islamic Republic of Iran Interest Section within the Embassy of Pakistan.
Testing: National testing companies have asked Farsi Translation Center to develop the tests and study materials as well as provide advice for assessing Farsi speaking interpreters. Farsi Translation Center has created the standard that will assess and accredit future Farsi interpreters.
Persian Culture and Language: Farsi Translation Center consults on Persian culture and language for individuals and clients from helping companies understand the best business practices within the Persian community to helping a client review the language spoken on a video to see if it was Farsi.