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OUR STORY In the winter of 2000, during a visit to Tehran, I met a young accounting student who lived ...
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Are Farsi and Arabic the Same?

I was waiting for the elevator of on the 9th floor of a quiet office building in midtown. It was ...
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Doing Business in Iran: The French Connection

Farsi, or Persian, is my mother tongue. Like English, Farsi has taken a large amount of loan words from the ...
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Down With Potatoes

One of the most engaging accounts of a literal translation is described in Hooman Majd’s book, The Ayatollah Begs To ...
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Ethical Considerations for Interpreters

Today, I wanted to address ethics and ethical considerations in my practice. It’s a very important part of our practice, ...
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Four Things to Know About Our Practice

I’m lucky to be a translator and an interpreter. My work is an intellectual exercise that reveals to me the ...
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