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Women In Iran

With the recent happenings in Iran, which raise the underlying question of why we ended up here, one might ask what really the identity of ...
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Farsi Translation Center Receives 2022 Best of Caldwell Award

It was four pm on a Thursday when I received an email from a client. He had a large number of Persian (Farsi) court documents ...
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Did You Know That: The existence of Iranian pronunciation for numbers two- دو (dough), five- پنج (panj), and six- شش (shesh) in Polish language, two- ...
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Parvin E’tesami

April 4 was the Remembrance Day of Parvin E’tesami. Parvin is known as “The most famous” 20th Century Iranian female poet (1907–1941). She grew up ...
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Languages Are Fluid

Did you know that: In France ‘entrée’ stands for ‘hors d’oeuvre’ or ‘appetizer’ and not the main course? And so the ‘manicure’ comes from the ...
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Chaharshanbeh Souri (چهارشنبه سوری) or ‘The Scarlet Wednesday’

Also called Charshanbe Soori is an Iranian festival celebrated on the eve of the last Wednesday of the year. It is the first festivity of ...
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