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In the winter of 2000, during a visit to Tehran, I met a young accounting student who lived in my parents’ neighborhood. Since I was also an accounting student in the US, we compared notes. She told me that she had a hard time understanding accounting concepts because their translated textbooks were too literal.

Later when I quit my accounting job in California and moved to New York, I began pursuing my passion of translation. I realized that the same need existed here in the US. So my company’s vision was born.

I felt for the Iranians (and Americans) who don’t have access to high quality translation and interpretation and I understood their frustration. Early in life, I had the privilege of studying the French language at a prestigious school in Iran and later I continued my love of languages with learning English in the US. I felt how others who did not have the same privilege are missing out on the benefits that foreign languages can offer.

Today, Farsi Translation Center is still loyal to that vision. We have always treated our clients with compassion. A commitment born in Tehran’s post-war of 1988 with my first translation project. We carry that same dedication wherever we go.

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