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The Importance of ATA Certification

The American Translators Association (ATA), a well known international organization, offers a translator certification—a distinction that puts all translators, regardless of work status, in a better position to market themselves. For Farsi translators and interpreters in particular, the ATA certification is more than just a suffix.

I am very passionate about the mission of the organization and the importance of these certifications for the following reasons:

  1. It distinguishes those who are qualified to translate from those who are not; and
  2. An increase in Farsi translators will support the Farsi-English pairing. As of now, this pair has not been established at ATA, and the ATA is not recognizing Farsi as a language.

I had previously written about this issue. There is strength in large numbers, and together we can safeguard the language as well as the value of our expertise.

Participation from Farsi translators will shift the status quo—both in terms of the money we can command for our work and the pairing’s recognition by the organization.

To learn more about certification and its requirements, click here.

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Sepideh Moussavi, MSSepideh Moussavi, MS

Farsi Translation Center
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